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DiskLister Client enables you to access search and browse databases of your files over the network.
All versions of DiskLister Client are FREE for use and distribute.

Client applications are bound with Server. Clients send requests to Server and display results they get from it. They can only search and browse databases.

Client request

Client looks very similar to the Admin application. Anyway Client is for searching and browsing databases only - it's missing icons (and functions) for making databases and adding new or changing existing records.

After first run, before you can use Client, you need to set it up. Do it in Preferences window, clicking the Preferences icon. Preferences
You need to set these settings:

  • User name - name of the person, that uses this copy of DiskLister Client. This name will be used in logs with user's IP.
  • Network response timeout - time in microseconds, that program will wait for response from Server.
  • Servers - bookmarks of your favorite DiskLister Servers. One Client can be connected to only one Server at time.
    With "Remove", "Add as New" and "Confirm" buttons you can remove, add new and change existing bookmarks. Bookmark should contain 3 basic parameters:
    • Bookmark name - like name of the Server. You write it directly into the field next to the popup arrow of the bookmarks.
    • Server IP - you can get this information from the "My IP" field of DiskLister Server window.
    • Port number - number of port on which Server should be listening. Again - you can get this information from the "Port" field of DiskLister Server window.
Client Preferences window

Using DiskLister Client for search and browse, is very similar to using DiskLister Admin:

  • for searching, just write the name of the file and press ENTER (RETURN);
    Client sent request and is waiting for results

  • for browsing, doubleclick the database name you want to browse (in the list of databases on the left);
    Browser results