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DiskLister Server enables you to access search and browse databases of your files over the network.
DiskLister Server is FREE for Linux users. If you want to use it on Mac OS X or Windows, you need to buy registration. Mac OS X and Windows users may also try Linux version, before they decide, if they want to buy registration for their OS.

Server is bound with Client applications. Server receive requests and send results to Clients, which display them.
You would also need DiskLister Admin to create and manage databases.

Server results

DiskLister Server don't need any installation.
Just copy DiskLister Server (Mac/Win/Linux) folder into folder, where you keep DiskLister Admin. Then all you have to do, is run it.

What's Server doing on start?

  • It reads preferences from "preferences-server.xml" file if exists - if not, it creates one, with default values.
  • Checks registration and displays message if unregistered (not on Linux version).
  • Reads databases that are used by DiskLister Admin and loads them.
  • Writes information about server startup into log file.
  • Displays two windows - main Databases window and Server log window.

NOTE: DiskLister Server is not allowed to write any data into search databases. It doesn't support ALTER, DROP, DELETE, TRUNCATE, INSERT, UPDATE and SET commands in SQL and will damage any command that uses it, causing SQL error and no results.

Databases window is the main window for Server. In this window, you can manage loaded databases, which of them can be searched by Clients and loaded by default.
You can read the IP of the server and set the port, on which the server is waiting for requests from Clients.
Here you can also set some Server limits - maximum number of connections and maximum numbers of results per database or in total.
To change setting, just rewrite it and confirm by pressing ENTER (RETURN) key.

NOTE: Make sure, that port you use, is not blocked in your firewall settings. On most OS, you need to allow connection to Server's port manually, in your firewall settings.

Server window

Server log window is read-only window where all important actions are written after they have been written into the log file. It's also basic diagnostic window for server administrator - here you can see, what users connect to your server, what are they searching for, how many results they get and how much computer time does it take. All with timestamp and other usefull information.

Server log window

DiskLister Server was developed to make server installation and administration as easy as possible. There's no need for instalation - all is included in one application you just copy. You can start and quit server simply by starting up or quiting the application. You can set communication channel to any of your free ports and set limits to make computer not spend too much of its connection and processor sources.