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DiskLister Admin is a shareware, you have to register it to use all its features.

One registration DiskLister Admin is limited to one computer.
If you need to register DiskLister Admin for more computers, buy more registrations.

With unregistered version of DiskLister Admin:
  • you can have loaded only one database at a time
  • you can search only one database at a time
  • you cannot use case insensitive search option
  • you cannot create new databases
  • you cannot set number of columns in new databases
  • you cannot use advanced search
  • you cannot import and export databases
  • you cannot work in "1 listing = 1 database" and "1 database = 1 year/month/week/day" modes
  • you cannot use database functions

But even unregistered version of DiskLister Admin allows you to add items in database and search & browse your database. Because you cannot create any, there is one enclosed in the DiskLister folder/directory. So you can create your own fast and functional database of your backups for free.

DiskLister Server is free only in Linux version. For Mac OS X and Windows versions you have to register it to use it.

One registration of DiskLister Server is limited to one company or organization or person.
If you need DiskLister Server for more companies/organizations, buy more registrations.

DiskLister Client is free.

If you decide to register using PayPal or Kagi registration systems, you can get all registration info very fast - mostly within 24 hours from registration - depends on what time you register. Registrations using PayPal and Kagi are very fast, well secured, they are available worldwide and you can select the payment method.

You can use PayPal to register Admin and Server applications - it cost 20 Euro and 100 Euro. It can be done after clicking PayPal icon below. It will redirect you to the PayPal secured server.

DiskLister Admin 20€

DiskLister Server 100€

You can use Kagi to register - it cost $30 and $150. It can be done after clicking "register DiskLister" icon below. It will redirect you to the Kagi secured server.

register DiskLister

Can't you use PayPal or Kagi to pay for registration? - just contact me and we will try to find some solution.

When i receive your registration, i will send you registration info for you, so you will be able to use DiskLister without any restrictions. Contact me, if you don't get any registration after 2 days after your payment.