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Preferences Press the preferences icon, if you need to change some basic settings - preferences window will open.

Here you can:
  • Set your database folder - to load and save databases.
  • Set different work modes of DiskLister:
    • 1 listing = 1 database mode - DiskLister will create new database for every DVD, CD or folder you add.
    • 1 database = 1 year/month/week/day - when you add new item, DiskLister will create database with year-month-day like name, according to settings (eg. with settings to "month" 2008-01.dil, 2008-02.dil and 2008-03.dil files will be created).
  • Set the columns for new databases - select the option from the popup menu and check or uncheck the checkbox on right - continue reading for more information.
Preferences window

If you're registered you can create new databases with custom number of columns - from 2 to 8. Two default columns are name (column name is "name") and its parent path (column name is "ppath") - they are in every database. Additionally you can use size (column name "size"), creation date (column name "dcr"), modification date (column name "dmd"), visibility (column name "vis"), mac type - *on Mac OS only (column name "mt"), mac creator - *on Mac OS only (column name "mc").

In already created databases you can see, what columns it contains before you start listing some item and move your cursor over popup menu for selecting target database of listing window.

Number of columns