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DiskLister comes with import/export functions which allow you to share your databases with outside world. These functions are available only for registered users. You can find all these functions in the "File" menu. Let's have a closer look at them:
Import and Export menu

  • Export to TXT - exports all records into text file with one record to line and where columns are separated by TABulator. This allows you to import these data into other spreadsheet or database applications.
  • Export to XML - exports whole database into XML file. It's encoded in UTF-8 to encode special characters and characters of different languages.
  • Import from XML - imports data from XML. You get best result when you use XML files created with DiskLister. But of course, if you can, you can create XML by yourself - then please contact me. When you use this function, you have to select if you want to import into already existing database or you want to create new one.