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Sometimes you may need more than search and erasing single records. "Database Functions" window (apple+F for macintosh or ctrl+F for windows) gives you power to write SQL commands that will be applied to all databases you select.

Database functions window

How to use it? First we try to apply function "Delete Invisible items", which is included by default:

  1. First, select for which databases this function should be applied by checking their checkboxes.
  2. Mark databases that this function should be applied to, by checking their checkboxes.
  3. Click the OK button. After function will be applied, information will be displayed.

If you're familiar with SQL, you can create your own commands. DiskLister is reading functions from "dbfuncs.xml" file. It's an XML file encoded in UTF-8, with this format for functions:

<function name="Name of the function" code="SQL command"/>
<function name="Delete Invisible items" code="DELETE FROM paths WHERE vis='0'"/>

NOTE: in SQL command, use only the apostrophe character. Don't use quotation mark in SQL command, it will conflict with quotation used in XML element and your SQL command will not be proceeded.