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In preferences window you can make DiskLister to work in various modes. These options are available only for registered users.

Before you can work in any of these modes, you need to Set your database directory - destination, where files will be loaded from and saved to.

DiskLister work modes

First checkbox gives you option to Load databases from database directory on startup. Check it and when you next time launch DiskLister, all DiskLister databases will be loaded, from directory you set as "Your database directory".

1 listing = 1 database mode creates new database for every DVD, CD or folder you add.
For example you list DVD named "2006-07-21 First backup", database with this name will be created in your database directory (from where it can be loaded on startup, if you set so).
If you've already listed item with same name that already exists, DiskLister creates another one with number after name.

1 database = 1 year/month/week/day mode creates new database for every year or month or week or day (depends what you set) you have add new DVD, CD or folder.
For example - you set to make database for every month. It's march 2008 and you add some DVD backups - they are all saved in 2008-03.dil database. In april 2008 you don't add anything but in may 2008 you add some DVD backups and they are saved in 2008-05.dil. All this saved into your database directory.

If you have dropped more than one item for listing, it will list them one after other. After one is done, you can see this dialog:
Continous listing
This means, DiskLister is about to process another item you've dropped. When you see this window, you can click the button and DiskLister will continue. If you don't click, after 5 seconds, DiskLister will continue automatically.