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With DiskLister you can create databases of files you have on DVDs, CDs, or files in your folders.

You can search and browse these databases in seconds on Mac OS X (with Spotlight support), Windows and Linux without need to look for them in your folders, load all DVD/CD backups in your drive.

That way DiskLister can rapidly help you to keep your backups organized.

DiskLister can be used by one user or whole workgroup working over local area network.

DiskLister solution scheme

Spotlight iconMac OS X versions of Admin and Server support Spotlight searching. Imagine - place DiskLister databases of backups with DiskLister Server on Mac OS X computer, save your work files there and enable users in your network, to search all offline and online backups - whether they use Mac, Windows or Linux.

  • Is your company looking for solution, which solves the chaos in your backup archive?
  • Do you need to search and browse your backups?
  • Do you need to share lists of files between different platforms?
DiskLister solution scheme

Who may find DiskLister useful? Everyone who's got backups:

  • advertising agencies, printhouses,
  • editors and publishers,
  • software and web developers, designers,
  • and everybody who's got any backups or need to share lists of files.
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It can be hard to find file in backups you made in years. DiskLister makes this matter of seconds.

It's available in versions for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Its databases are cross-platform, so you can transfer them between all of these platforms.

DiskLister was originally developed in year 2002, next year i did a public release (version 2). I created it because i was lost in my CD backups.
As time passed DiskLister received some new functions and about after half a year i decided to share it with other people - i created some crazy GUI (graphic user interface) and start to distribute.
I'm releasing DiskLister by my company named cw (creative workshop), so if you refer to the author of DiskLister, please refer to www.cw.sk.

My native language is not english, so please be patient with me and my english :). And if you hate it too much, send me some fixed or write a good tutorial and i will give you registration for free.

All rights reserved. DiskLister is a shareware application by MacO's creative workshop what is name of Marcel Zúbrik's small company. Unregistered version of DiskLister can be downloaded from this site for free and can be freely distributed. Any distribution of registered version or registration information, will be a violation of law and will make me to hate you. Author (that's me) reserves right to cancel any distribution which looks very suspiciously. Also only the author has the right to generate registration information - and anybody else is a liar. Violation of law is also everything else bad i didn't mentioned here, but it is usually used in "nobody reads them" annotations.