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jednoduché publikovanie na webe


Publisher on its way to GPL
I'm developing my CMS Publisher for some long time. It had periods of stagnation and periods when i was able to work on it frequently. In last few months, project moved again - core was rewritten and some decisions were made.

New features and development news
Web part of content management system Whian.net get some new features. Desktop applications Publisher and Manager too. Click to read more about.

Publisher the First
Application Publisher has grown-up to become worth of having the version with number 1. Download it for your OS.

Support and Development forum
In the black bottom border, next to the Contact link, you can find link to discussion forum, dedicated for customers and teammates. It's also preview of how discussion forum can be integrated into site.

Manager application
Application Manager is not known as Publisher application, which can be downloaded for free, but it doesn't mean, it's not interesting. Manager application is available only for our customers and their administrators. In present, testing of new version is about to finish.

Whian.net blackout
Last some hours there was blackout of these pages. Having data on both, your computer and internet, can protect them. Was great to be able to work on content of website even when website itself was offline.

Changes, Beta and Demo
We change the visual, add domain, but mostly we released Publisher application, which you can try also in our Demo.

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