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Products #2

Whian.net system and modules. Product packs with settings included.

Products #3

Design, code and other services for Whian.net systems, to make your presentation the best possible.

Products #4

Hosting - space for Whian.net systems in range you need.


Products #1Our main product is content management system Whian.net - great solution for small and medium websites.
You get system on server, user applications for Mac and Windows, hosting and support.
As modules we offer opensource discusion forum and gallery.
1st year prizes starting at 20 € per month
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Design, code and other services

Products #5First, we help you to choose the best option for your needs. Then, we can create you new graphic design, change the one you have, or create new graphic sources, develop new or modify existing code and even take care of content of your site.
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Products #6We give space mostly to Whian.net systems. If you need only small space for your presentation, or you need unlimited hosting, you can find it right here and for very good prizes (contact us for more info).
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