easy web publishing
jednoduché publikovanie na webe

What is Whian.net?

Internet publishing - picture #2

Write content with realistic preview and two clicks to publish.

Internet publishing - picture #3

Comfort administration of users and important settings.

Internet publishing - picture #4

Freedom in access to HTML and CSS code, visuals for many usages.

Products - picture #2

Whian.net system and modules. Product packs with settings included.

Products - picture #3

Design, code and other services for Whian.net systems, to make your presentation the best possible.

Products - picture #4

Hosting - space for Whian.net systems in range you need.

Whian.net is content management system for websites.
But not an ordinary.

Just imagine:

  • in application Publisher you write text and add pictures watching continuosly real preview of webpage,
  • save result, two clicks and publish on your site immediately,
  • using your company design builded on fast code which helps others to find you, with support for RSS and export to PDF,
  • using application Manager you securely manage users and their permissions, website settings and files,
  • after some time you use application Designer you refresh the global look of your site, with some small "lifting".

That's Whian.net.
Content Management System with pack of applications and services, which try to web publishing more easy.

How does it work?
Run Publisher application, create website, save and click to save. Data will be send to a server and published online. It also works to download articles from server to computer.

What is Whian.net? #1

Administrator use Manager application to change settings of website, organize users and files on server, all using secured connection.

Create the content without troubles about the rest.
Let Whian.net deal with the rest. Whian.net includes:

This project mostly stands on shoulders of small business of person with long practice graphic and programming services. It wouldn't be possible to handle this kind of project, without other programmers, betatesters, graphic and web designers and advisers.

As this project will grow, it will need more help. Our partner program has two parts. First part is mediation fees.

Here is table of mediation fees:

Number of mediated salesMediation fee
210 % of the price of second
5 and more25% or contract

Fees are related only to sales that have been closed and payed.

Second part of partner program are services of development and administration, eg. developmet of designs, modifications and administration of website. These can be completely done by partner with all earnings they represent. But if needed, we can offer our partners counselling and supply services he needs.

If you have questions about our partner program, or you're interested in becoming our partner, please contact us.