easy web publishing
jednoduché publikovanie na webe

Simplifying web

Stay tuned, if this story is yours too:
"As an small or middle business,
we want cheap and simple website,
so that we can promote us and sell on internet."

Easy to web
just write content
and send it
Go offline
and enjoy life.
Create content offline
Want it all
in one package.
Space, system, services

Our focus is to offer quality and user-friendly services - so you find having website easy.
Whian.net is complete solution for your web. Includes content management system (CMS), hosting and related services.

Read Intro ,or learn more about Whian.net, Products and Applications we offer Simplifying web #1

  • Complete solution for your web

    Get all you need on one place:

    • CMS - always in latest version,
    • Server space with all services for quality web,
    • Counselling, mediation and support - we will make your "web-life" easier,
    • Site management and development of new functions.

  • Whian.net is modern CMS.

    Applications bring more more easy and comfort way for web publishing.

    Learn more about Whian.net:

    • How does it work?
    • What do i get?
    • Who's behind this?

  • Whian.net product packs contain:

    • Content Management System (CMS),
    • Unlimited space,
    • Applications,
    • 10 work hours,
    • free e-assistance.

    We also offer advanced services of development and administration.

    Interested? Contact us and try, before buy.

  • We give you 2 ways, to manage website:

    • using browser,
    • using applications.

    Whian.net packs include 3 applications:

Interested? Contact us and try.


and examples

Learn about websites, that already use Whian.net - public association, company, sport club.

Sea websites we use for testing and development, to see what sites you can build with Whian.net - community portal, city website, blog.

Whian.net offers many more interesting advantages:

  • easy ways to create and publish content,
  • unlimited number of site languages,
  • quick realistic preview of the final content look,
  • versatility - applicable for portals, or company and personal sites,
  • low price, no limits for number of pages or content,
  • independence on internet connection - content of your website is on your computer,
  • access to HTML and CSS code - advanced users will find it very usefull,
  • content separated from design, quality code and design made byt profesionals,
  • website content search, system of article columns, management of users and their permissions, export to PDF, RSS news and many other features.