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To report bugs or read troubleshooting, click the support

Click the download to get the latest version:
2.1 r3 (OS X)

This is the basic support for all users. Only registered users get support for their problems.
Registered users please use contacts you get with confirmation of registration

When you've got problem with follow these steps:

  1. Quit the and start it up again.
  2. When the problem still appears, quit the and delete preferences and history.
    To delete preferences, find the preferences folder in the same location where your application is, and delete all files in this directory (don't delete the directory itself). To delete history, delete the "history.rbd" file, located in the same folder as the application.
  3. If that didn't help, try to restart the computer.
  4. And only if these steps didn't take effect, click the contact menu. Describe every detail of your problem - what is the version of your copy of, what Mac you've got, what operating system you use and which version it is, what were you doing when the problem appeared and the best description of the problem you can write.

This will increase my chances to find the bug bring the solution withing new release.