DiskLister menu

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2.1 r3 (OS X)

This splash screen will be the first thing you'll see when you run It contains some simple information:

  • registration - after you registered your copy, you have to restart the application. Your name will appear on the top of the screen.
  • version - the number after "r" letter means the number of release.
splash screen

This is the browser window. It contains basic information about listed folder. Let's have a look at controls it contains and information it can give us:

  • title of the window - the name of the folder we are browsing
  • disks - name of the disk we're browsing.
    Click the left mouse button and get the list of disks.
    Click the right mouse button (or ctrl+click) and eject the disk, if is it removable.
    Hold down the alt button to be able to select (and copy to clipboard) the name of the disk.
  • + button - switch between basic/detailed list of browsed items (more in next screenshot)
  • Dropper button - when pushed, Dropper window show the properties of selected item (more in next screenshot)
  • total size of listed files - click the triangle with and without alt button to get size of data and resource fork of selected and all listed files.
  • list of browsed items - with the "go to parent" arrow at the top. Use apple+R to refresh the list.
    Select item and click the right button (or ctrl+click) to open it in one of your favorite items (have to edit them in the cooapps window first).
    Use alt and shift combinations with doubleclick to open folders in new windows, to open more files, to browse applications' contents.
  • absolute path of listed folder - basicaly in carbon format (use alt+click to get other formats).
    Edit the path, to somewhere else.
    Drop an item from outside the (eg. from Finder) to get it listed.
    Use left mouse click on the triangle on right to get list of parent folders, use the right click (or ctrl+click) to copy address to clipboard.
browser window

browser expanded window

When you press the browser's + button it don't only change into - button, but the list of items will be filled with more detailed information.

There's nothing to explain here, maybe only what those "i" and "L" letters means - "i" = invisible and "L" = locked.

browser and dropper windows

This is what happens when you press the Dropper button of the browser.

Selected item appears in the Dropper and you can edit it's properties and press the Apply button to apply the changes.

This is the Dropper window. It's simple:

  • to read properties of an existing item, drop it over Dropper.
  • to set properties, check the property's checkbox, edit the property value and drop the items holding the alt button.

But there are some other controls, i should explain:

  • small "OFF" over the name - to set visibility of extension. It has the three positions OFF/extension visible/extension hidden.
  • absolute path - use the alt+click to change the format of the path.
  • Folder Traveler - if checked, all items in the folder you dropped, will be affected.
  • creator code triangle - shows the list of applications. Every application has got its own creator code, assigning it to file makes Mac OS trying to open it in this application (have to edit them in the cooapps window first).
  • "Get" button - get the properties of last dropped item (if possible).
  • "Show" button - show the last dropped item in the Finder (if possible).
  • "Apply" button - apply the changes to last dropped item (if possible).
  • "Open in:" area - select the application (have to edit them in the cooapps window first) and drop the items you want to open in.
dropper window

bookmarks window
Use this window to manage 12 bookmarks to make your work faster. Assign file and it will be opened, assign folder and it will be listed in browser.
To assign item, click the button to choose if you want to add file or folder and then press the F button to select the item. Or you can drop the item from Finder.
Don't forget to click OK if you're ready - otherwise the changes will not be applied.
You can also bookmark item - select it in the browser window and press alt+F1~F12 combination (if you don't select any item, listed folder will be bookmarked)
To make bookmarked folder listed in browser window or bookmarked file launched, press one F1~F12 buttons.

In this window you organize your favorite applications for functions in browser and Dropper window - "open file in selected aplication" and "change creator code of file".

To add application, simply drag it in the finder and drop it over list or shortcut field.
To remove, select it from list and click remove.
When you're ready, click OK.

cooapps window

gogo folders window
mysel window
You can find folders from this window in GoGo menu. Select it from menu and it will be listed in browser window. To remove, use the remove button. Use this window to make items in order you want. Drop files, reorder them and then use the picture with icon to drag then in this order.

preferences window

And finaly the preferences window - here you can set all i could image : ) to set in