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2.1 r3 (OS X) is my solution for
Mac OS file browser & manager

I'm developing it mostly for my own webdesign and programming needs, so many developers and designers may find it usefull.

But in fact it's for everybody, who's curious and want to discover file structure of the Mac OS systems or has got some special needs for file management.

Made with REALbasic

Splash screen

With registered version of you may be able to:
  • browse content of your drives including the invisible items with history of visited folders included
  • rename many files at once - eg. picture001, picture002, ...
  • change files' properties like file type code, creator code, creation and modification dates, visibility, lock, comment - all with one single mouse drop
  • move, copy and delete files, create folders
  • use and create bookmarks
  • create list of favorite folders
  • print or export content of the folder
  • open selected files in your favorite application
  • get file's path, customize you selection, and more ... is a shareware:

Please REGISTER and support its future development

Registration cost $15 and you pay only once = you don't pay any new versions or updates. Also only as registered user, you can request new functions.
Unregistered users can't browse and manage invisible items (can only see them)
and are not allowed to use all services of some functions.