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Marcel Zúbrik


32 years

Top interest:

My wife and son

Language skills:


As developer I have to learn new technologies and communicate with foreign team members in english.

Highest finished education:

hight school


  • PHP

    (OOP & procedural code, experience with PHP frameworks Zend and Laravel)

  • MySQL
  • HTML + CSS (semantics, validity, transferring graphics to code, SASS, LESS)
  • JavaScript (AJAX, jQuery, basics of Backbone)
  • Apache & Nginx server basic configuration and administration
  • experience with OpenSource CMS systems
  • Java (základy)
  • Design of web applications
  • Bash basics
  • Elastic search basics
  • Development of mobile application using Cordova
  • Xojo

    (cross-platform development tool)

  • experience as team member of digital agency, freelancer and own business developer

Driver's license:

B class, driving regularly

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Born 16.3.1981 in Žiar nad Hronom. Second half of primary school in class with extended teaching of natural sciences where I started with English and computers. During primary school I was visiting school of arts - class for drawing, painting and photograph.

On high school I started to discover internet and we did get some recognition with project developed by my and my schoolmate. I was also graphic designer of school magazine, school posters and published a book.

After high school I wanted to do DTP and get my first Macintosh. After 9 months of getting experience I did get my first job as DTP operator + webdesigner.

I learned new technologies and did my first projects - eComix, multimedia track on Tatabojs music band album Biorytmy, first DTP services as freelancer, first OS X applications, DiskLister, published two eBooks (PDF), my own multimedia CD.

Since 4.4.2002 I started to be self-employed freelancer thanks to grant from Labor Office. On beginning I specialized in DTP services, later i switched to web development.
I worked for many companies, I select some of those I find most important - Esprint, Kusak, Altimax, OMS Slovakia, Kremsa a SCR. I was working as freelancer and also as employer, alone or as team member. I was DTP operator doing graphic design and typesetting , developing websites, e-shops and functions made according to client's request or by my design.
Since 2004 my work is mobile. I can work remote or in-house, on Mac and Windows, with my small online space for testing.

To relax I read books, watch movies, I have hobbies like painting and climbing (that's how Climber's Routes was born). I published few articles related to my work (in Slovak, Blog SME).

The most important project is my family. That's why I'm mostly interested in remote work, so I can spend most of time with them. In my life, I found to be most important ability to spend time right, keep balance, discover and understand how me and things around me work.